Nobody said communicating with an entire student body would be easy.


So you have an event you need to advertise. How does one create excitement and boost attendance? What about informing and directing attendees? How do you make it look uniform yet celebratory?

Relax, we got you.

Whether you’re a local elementary school or a major university, you can count on ASAP to help you put on a successful event.

We design and install high-impact, attention-getting decorations including: feather flags, banners, tube dancers, yard signs and balloons. Have something unique in mind? Let us know! We’ll get creative with you.

More of a DIY-er? Have specific design, logo or message already? No problem. We are able to customize our processes to meet your needs. All our products are available for purchase to self-install, if that’s your thing. But don’t worry, we’ll include instructions.

Go team, go!

Contact us today to discuss your needs and budget, and we’ll offer a solution.

We Can Help!

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