Click Click"The Clik-Clik products and installation techniques that ASAP provides for interior signage installs has greatly reduced the time needed to install interior signs as well as reducing the safety risk by eliminating the need for ladders."
-Jason from Barker Signs

Why should you give Clik Clik a try?

  • Simple solutions for any ceiling height
  • quick takedown and sign changeout
  • Safety – feet are always on the floor
  • Patented Loopline: saves time & money
  • Inexpensive & reusable tools


The Clik-Clik™ hanging system allows us to suspend signs quickly and safely without the use of a ladder or lift. Since the Clik-Clik interior signs system uses powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders, suspension is fast and the risk of falling is eliminated. The amazing LoopLine hangs signs level, and makes display changes a breeze. With the greatest flexibility in positioning, and easiest take-down of any hanging system, Clik Clik is the ideal solution for a drop ceiling, industrial girder ceiling, or wherever aircraft cables have been hung for a specific signage location.


Our sturdy aluminum and fiberglass extension pole was designed specifically for the display industry. Unlike those created for painting or window washing, the versatile MagPole features 5 telescoping sections. The additional sections allow it to be both shorter (only 5' 8"), for eye-level loading and ease in transportation, and longer (a remarkable 18') to reach tall display ceilings with ease. Each section quickly locks in place for added speed and security – no twisting required.

ClikMagnets are the heart of the Clik-Clik system. They are small powerful magnets with rings that "Clik" onto the ceiling. Their plastic coating prevents ceiling scratches, while the balanced center ring allows both maximum pull on the magnet and proper placement on a MagMover for easy installation and removal.

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