"ASAP has always gone above and beyond to make sure that my events happen. Whether its one store in one area or 250 stores all Re-Grand Opening in one day, the event always takes place."
-Jeanette from Big Lots


We focus on pulling customers from the street to your door. Successful Grand Openings leverage various advertising approaches from a grand opening banner and outdoor flags, often to pennant flags and inflatable advertising. They all need a series of activities to be executed flawlessly, and that requires event management, extensive planning and professional partners.

Ask yourself these questions

  • What innovative products can I leverage to create excitement?
  • Will I be able to find a competent and insured installer?
  • What happens in the event of bad weather?
  • Is this type of advertising permitted in the area? Do I need to obtain a permit? What kind of specific regulations do I need to follow?


Trouble answering these questions?

We would like to help you navigate all of the questions and issues pertaining to your Grand Opening ideas and promotion.

Grand Opening Banner