Dimensions: 13'h x 21'w x 3'd


Weekend Event (pick up Friday, drop off Monday)

1 Arch with stock START/FINISH banners: $375

2 Arches with stock START/FINISH banners: $575


CUSTOM BANNER - Want a custom message? No problem!

Custom banner for your events are $1.50 / square foot.

The available areas for custom banners are:

Top: 84’’ w x 30’’ h (qty 2 per arch)

Sides: 30’’ w x 66’’ h (qty 4 per arch)

*Each arch has identical banner areas on both sides



Interested in having us Drop Off / Pick Up at your event?

Drop Off/Pick Up Fee: $125

Interested in having us take care of the installation and removal?

Install/Removal pricing: $500

Water barrel rental for hard surface installs:

$35 / barrel (qty 2 needed per arch)

If custom banners for the sides are not ordered with your rental,
they will remain empty as shown above.

Please give us a call at 513-733-9500 for more information or fill out the form to the right to start the rental process.

Race Arches Rental Inquiry Form