Single MagMover



MagMovers are used to lift ClikMagnets (+ item to be hung) to metal on the ceiling AND to safely retrieve them when it is time to change your display. All while standing on the floor!!

MagMovers have the standard acme thread for attachment to the MagPole or most other threaded poles.



  • The inexpensive Single MagMover has one ‘post’, used to lift one ClikMagnet. Therefore it is ideal for items with only one attachment point.
  • 3″ x 3″ (7.5 cm x 7 .5 cm)
  • 1 / per bag
  • Item Code: 94290



  • The corkscrew on the MagMover ‘post’ is used to retrieve your item from the ceiling.
  • The corkscrew is inserted FULLY into the ring of the ClikMagnet, and pulled downward.
  • The curls of the corkscrew holds the item from falling to safely bring it down.
  • Take down: With the corkscrew fully inserted into the ring of the ClikMagnet, PULL, and the item is safely retrieved.
  • Frequently used in the balloon industry!

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