Our unique magnetic hanging system, allows you to install signs and décor, quickly, safely and simply – without a ladder!

The Clik-Clik system uses powerful neodymium magnets and extension poles instead of hooks and ladders, so signs can be hung quickly, and the risk of falling is eliminated. With our amazing patented LoopLine, prep is fast (just cut to length and loop to sign), displays always hang level, and sign changeout is a breeze.

With the greatest flexibility in positioning, and easiest takedown of any hanging system, Clik-Clik is ideal for a drop ceiling or industrial girder ceiling. We even have solutions for flush mount signs, and for hanging displays from very tall (20’ +) ceilings.

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  • Dual24in_MagMover
    24" Dual MagMover for Clik-Clik Installations
  • Dual6in_MagMover
    6" Dual MagMover for Clik-Clik Installations
  • Flushmount Pic 1
    flushmount-pic 2
    Flush Mount Clips - (50/bag)
  • Single_MagMover
    Single MagMover for Clik-Clik Installations
  • Sliding_-MagMover
    Sliding MagMover 24” PRO
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