Pole Extender



Extension poles are tools used to extend the reach of a person. These usually are fitted with a standard male acme thread for the attachment of a wide variety of tools also with a standard female acme thread.

The MagPole and the One Button Pole are extension poles with the standard acme thread, and for ease of use, are push button operated. Your choice of MagMover threaded onto an extension pole will lift the ClikMagnets to metal on the ceiling…to hang display items while your feet remain safely on the ground.



  • 1 / per bag
  • Item Code: 11704
  • Extends an additional 4ft.
  • Used for ceilings of 9ft or less (used with MagPole).



  • To be used as an extension to the MagPole.
  • This one-piece lightweight metal pole is designed with a plastic external thread on one end for use with any MagMover™. An internal thread on the opposite end connects with any MagPole™ and provides 4 feet of additional reach.

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