Bob Woods
Position at ASAP: Warehouse Manager

Many people desire a life of adventure, filled with unique experiences that turn into life long memories they can tell their grandkids. Bob is not one of those people. In the least. He is a creature of habit, sticking to what he knows. And running a warehouse is what he knows...

If you are anything like me, you grew up on Disney Movies.  Hard to pick a favorite, right?! Even as an adult, you can sing every line to A Whole New World, put off the trip to Costco when you notice The Little Mermaid on ABC’s Family line up and are totally okay with your kid watching Rapunzel for the 3rd time that weekend.

Disney can teach you a lot about life – mainly for me, they show children that while life does, well suck, sometimes, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes, tis better to receive than to give.

Being 100% honest here, getting stuff feels pretty good. You know the feeling – being so touched that someone put thought and effort into thinking of you. That’s really why it feels so good to receive, that idea someone cared enough to not only think of you, they made a trip out to search and search and search for the perfect item for you. Then they handed over their hard-earned cash for it! Inside of that gift box is more than a just a thing – there is love.  

Flags are our livelihood. And while we use them mostly for advertising purposes, once in a while a unique opportunity presents itself. This Memorial Day, we got to use flags for a different purpose than we are used to!

Check out the event photos: #FieldofMemories2017

See a great clip of the event here

a Family” through the Salvation Army, as well as made donations to theses amazing organizations at the suggestion of ASAP employees:

– helps victims of child abuse

Alex’s Lemonade Stand – raises money to fight childhood cancer...