What type of events do you manage?

Grand Openings, Store Remodels, Combat Programs, Seasonal Promotions, and Promotional Events such as new product introductions, sales, closeouts, etc.

Can you produce custom decoration packages?

Yes, many of our customers request packages designed specifically for their marketing requirements. We offer custom flags, outdoor banners, infltable advertising and other custom pieces. Please call and speak to one of our sales representatives for a custom quote.

Do you have zoning research available?

Yes, we have an extensive database of localized zoning requirements for most markets in the U.S. We also handle any required permits.

Do you have the capability to execute a nationwide project?

Yes, we have a national contractor network and 25 years of experience in managing large-scale national projects under our belts. ASAP has organized and executed over 50,000 promotional events.

What do you mean by hassle-free event management?

ASAP handles all the event details from start to finish. We remove the headache of an event from our clients by providing them with a world-class promotion that has to be managed, down to the smallest detail.

How do I know the type of decoration that is best for my company?

ASAP has a 25+ year history of assisting National and Regional Retail Chains in identifying criteria such as your stores’ footprint, budget and corporate image to help design a custom package specific to your needs…. call today.

Can you produce custom outdoor advertising decorations for clients on a large and small scale?

Yes, most ASAP product offerings can be customized to fit your design requirements including inflatable advertising, Adverflags® feather flags, outdoor banners, pennant flag lines, pole banners, tube dancers and more.

What is the standard lead-time to execute an event from start to finish?

From our experience, we believe that effective planning results in successful events. ASAP also identifies with the “speed to market” needs of today’s marketplace. Provided we are in possession of all necessary materials for your event, ASAP prefers 10 business days prior to the event start date to efficiently execute your events.

Can an event be executed in under 10 days?

Yes, but rush fees may apply.

What if I have an issue at my event site or with my decorations after business hours or on the weekend?

We have a 24/7 emergency line that can be accessed by dialing 1-800-837-6306 extension 222; leave a message and one of our Project Managers will be back in contact with you within an hour.

Do you have options for a building that won’t support traditional banner installations?

Yes, we have a variety of decorations and installation techniques to accommodate all types of building construction.

What are Adverflags®?

Large advertising outdoor flags available in 3 styles and 6 sizes.
These flags have proven to be one of the most effective outdoor elements in attracting potential new customers to your store who are driving by your location. Visit Adverflags® Website.

Do you have searchlights?

Yes, we have single and 4 beam searchlights available; please call for rates and availability. For more information, visit the Ohio Searchlight Website.

Do you work with non-profit companies?

Yes, please call and ask on of ASAP’s representatives what we can do for you.

Do you provide solutions for interior signs?

Yes, we offer solutions using Clik Clik, our revolutionary new product that is changing the way we approach indoor signage