Put a face to the name!


MarkMark Phillips (Flips)
President & Chief Attention Getter

I am a graduate of Wittenberg University and an alumnus of the famous Procter & Gamble training ground. Don’t hold that against me, as I also have over 30 years of direct experience getting clients noticed in a positive way. I can be pretty tough when it comes to doing whatever it takes to fully satisfy our clients.

Favorite ASAP Project: The next one.

Favorite Quote: “Passion gets you started. Hope keeps you going. Persistence gets it done” - Unknown

What Makes Me, Me!: Demanding, opportunistic, hates to be proven wrong, snow skiing & golf, enjoys watching pro football & baseball and college basketball, walks with my wife & our dogs & reading historical fiction.

Fun Fact: Cincinnati has an “Eastside vs. Westside” rivalry. When people here (inevitably) ask where I’m from, I respond by telling them that, “I’m the ULTIMATE Westsider – I am from Indianapolis…” The responses range from blank stares to mild chuckling. Most are somewhere in between!


VickiVicki Berling

I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and currently reside on the Westside of Cincinnati. I have spent the last 31 years doing accounting with a wide variety of businesses in the Cincinnati area.

What sets my experience at ASAP aside from other businesses? ASAP is uniquely innovating in its business outlook. This outlook ultimately creates a business where customer service and satisfaction can be the top priority.

What Makes Me, Me!: Laid back, funny, wine lover, laughing so hard I cry, hard worker, patient.

Fun Fact: I have more grand-dogs than grand kids!


BritBrittany (Brit) Ulrich
Vice President

I was born on the Westside of Cincinnati and attended Walnut Hills High School. I got my bachelors degree from Miami University and my MBA from University of Cincinnati. I started working at ASAP in 2006, while earning my bachelors degree and I have been here ever since. I currently live in Clifton with my husband and two dogs - Einstein and Darwin.

What Makes Me, Me!: laidback, problem-solver, Sci-Fi geek, exercise fanatic, world traveler, positive attitude, level-headed.

Fun Fact: At work I am always on-time, organized and detail-oriented. In my personal life, I am exactly the opposite! Ask anyone – I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached.


BrookeBrooke Ungerbuehler
Creative Director / Graphic Designer

I was born in Battle Creek, MI and moved to Cincinnati, OH shortly after.  I attended the College of Mount Saint Joseph on the Westside of Cincinnati and earned my bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in Ceramics & a minor in Art History.  My first job out of college was here at ASAP and I have been here ever since!  Currently I live in College Hill with my husband, our 2 year old daughter, Elliott, and our 4 year old mini Goldendoodle, Dexter.  In my spare time I love to work on any art or DIY home project I can get my hands on, going on new adventures with my family and spending time with the people I love. 

What Makes Me, Me!: Family, positivity, coloring outside the lines, details, problem solving, music, creating, new & exciting ideas, dancing with my mini me and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

Fun Fact: My laugh is so loud that people stare.


MariaMaria Marck
Director of New Business Development

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, and graduated in 2009 from Northern Kentucky University – my areas of study were Psychology and Marketing. Before joining the ASAP Event Advertising team, I worked in the automobile industry for over five years. I have been a part of the ASAP team since 2011.

What makes me, ME!: Finds humor in almost everything, loves research and making discoveries, double checking, finding ways to compromise, takes time for the details but never loses sight of the big picture.

Fun Fact: At night, I can accurately guess the make and model of a car using only it’s headlights.


moeBrittany McKenney
Event Project Director

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Fairfield, Ohio. I studied at Ohio University, earning my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Business Administration. I joined the ASAP team shortly after graduation in September of 2012. I currently live in Oakley with my husband and our two cats, Nellie and Toby. In my spare time I enjoy walking dogs at the SPCA, running, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

What makes Me, Me!: Always looks on the bright side, animal lover, runner, laughs at just about anything, determined, compassionate, loves nature, appreciates the small things in life

Fun Fact: I am a stray animal magnet. Neighborhood pets show up on my doorstep constantly- it’s like they know I’m the one who will take the time to find their owner.


alex adultAlex Kraemer
Administrative Project Coordinator

I was born in Cincinnati, OH and grew up in Finneytown, OH going to Roger Bacon for high school.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati in 2015. I started at ASAP in November 2015.  I now live in Forest Park, OH. 

What makes Me, Me!: I love sports. You can always find me cheering on the Cincinnati Bearcats, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cincinnati Reds.  

Fun Fact: My favorite time of the year is March Madness.


beth adultBeth Hollenbeck
Research Coordinator

I was born in Cincinnati, but my family lived in Lawrenceburg, IN until I was about 8 years old, then we moved to West Chester, OH. I went to Mount Notre Dame High School and Ohio State University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. After college, I moved to Chicago for a few years. I loved it there, but eventually I missed my family, friends, and two puggles (Rudy & Jake) so I moved back to Cincinnati. Shortly after that, I got a job at ASAP and have been loving it ever since!

What makes Me, Me!: Overly organized, detail-oriented, love to travel, Bengals fan, & will probably ask to pet your dog on the street (especially if it’s a pug).

Fun Fact: I was on the varsity bowling team in high school.


Eric AdultEric Noh
Research Coordinator

I was born. I studied at Stony Brook University on Long Island, NY, getting a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning with a minor in Geospatial Sciences. I joined the ASAP family in October 2016 and am loving every moment. In my spare time, I love to watch movies and tv series, as well as play video games and read novels, sometimes simultaneously.

What makes me, me!: Dry sense of humor, certified 3.5 edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master with a bit of experience in 5th edition, comic book aficionado (especially Batman), patient, environmentalist, fun lover, amalgamation of pop culture references.

Fun Fact: I have been in over a dozen musical theatre productions, ranging from RENT to A Very Potter Musical.


BobBob Woods
Warehouse Manager

Born and raised in Canton, Ohio, I attended The Ohio State University. My career in warehousing and distribution has taken my family & I from Columbus, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana, to Cincinnati, Ohio. I most recently worked as a Sort Supervisor at DHL’s hub in Wilmington, Ohio. I now live in Fairfield Township, OH with my wife, Lesley, and our daughter Maddie.

What Makes Me, Me!: Golf, Pro Baseball, OSU & Cleveland Browns football, family, salsa dancing, a good beer & friends.

Fun Fact: Other then traveling to work, I stay within a 5 mile radius of my house –better known as, The Quadrant.


Board(ing) Members


Einstein the DogEinstein

What Makes Me, Me!: loveable, crazy for food, shed constantly, love pizza, great watch dog, love walks/runs as long as they are not TOO far

Fun Fact: I am just as smart as my name suggests but usually my laziness wins!


Dexter the DogDexter

What Makes Me, Me!: Walks & anything outside, observant, eating my stuffed animal toys, goofy, full of energy, carrots, soccer, cuddling, slides & playgrounds.

Fun Fact: I love to eat socks & have been told that I look like a mop, bear, lion & even once, a guinea pig (personally I don’t see the resemblance).



What Makes Me, Me!: long distance runner, tons of energy, love to play (and annoy) Einstein, love ice cream, love howling along to songs (especially the Star Wars theme song), sweet.

Fun Fact:I’m a female, though my owner clearly paid no attention to that in picking my name!



What Makes Me, Me!: LONG Walks with my older brother Zach, chasing after squirrels and deer

Fun Fact:Rescued from a Hillbilly Dog Breeder April 2013



What Makes Me, Me!: SHORT Walks with my younger brother Bullet, watching Bullet chasing after squirrels and deer

Fun Fact:Rescued from a Hillbilly Dog Breeder April 2013



What Makes Me, Me!: Serious napper, avid jogger, bicyclist loather, and constant snuggler. 

Fun Fact: Sometimes, my mom thinks I might actually be a coyote. In fact, I was named after the Road Runner cartoon character, Wile E. Coyote.